Kieli- ja käännöstoimisto
Podbereznyj Ky
Säästäjänkatu 1 A 6
33840 Tampere

Puh.+358 40 5201287,
S-posti podberez@sci.fi


Kieli- ja käännöstoimisto
Podbereznyj Ky

Translation Agency Podbereznyj LP
Säästäjänkatu 1 A 6
33840 Tampere, Finland

Tel +358 40 5201287,
E-mail podberez@sci.fi

Translation Services


- technical documents, manuals, instructions, commercial documents, contracts, official company documents and marketing materials, brochures, advertisements, catalogues, video texts


- from/into Finnish, Russian, Ukrainian, English


- fields of expertise: engineering industry, forestry, food processing industry, textile industry, logistics, tourism etc.




- Finnish-Russian-Finnish, Finnish-Ukrainian-Finnish, Russian-English-Russian

- negotiations, seminars, trainings


 Other services:

- business correspondence and telephone services


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